Sunday, February 22

Are You Alone on Purpose? by Nancy Werlin

Fate sometimes works on strange ways. Harry Roth and Alison Shandling would never have dreamed that their lives would become entwined. Harry is the surly and athletic son of a rabbi; his father has closed himself off since he lost his wife over two years ago. Alison is smart, sensitive, and nerdy girl whose autistic twin brother commands all of the parental attention. Harry and Alison don't have a thing in common- except a history of mutual dislike.
But when Harry has a paralyzing accident, Alison feels morally responsible and considers herself obligated to befriend him. And as their knowledge of each other slowly grows, the two discover they have similar feelings of alienation from their parents and their peers. Somehow, they begin to find comfort and a sense of esteem from each other. Perhaps they will finally be able to express their loneliness and their needs.
Unique, often funny, and very real is this story of a complicated journey- the grueling but wonderfully rewarding path toward true friendship.

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