Sunday, March 1

Eyeliner of the Gods by Katie Maxwell

January "Jan" James, just shy of 17, well endowed, and a budding journalist, gets off the plane in Cairo and promptly gets separated from her group. When she dashes into a small shop to escape from would-be lechers, she meets a bona-fide hottie named Seth and is given something most unexpected-a bracelet that not only may be an ancient artifact but may be cursed as well. After two thugs then assault her in an alley, Seth comes to her rescue. He turns out to be one of the twin sons of the dig's leader. As things at the dig heat up between Jan and Seth, seemingly inexplicable occurrences take place, including the theft of priceless antiquities and the obsessive lip-glossing of fellow dig-mate Chloe. Jan puts her journalistic skills to work to solve the mystery while balancing her lust for Seth with her suspicions of him.

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