Monday, April 27

The Heartbreakers by Pamela Wells

Three breakups.
Sydney's longtime steady ,Drew, unexpectedly bails.
Raven can't decide between Caleb and Horace. They decide for her, and suddenly she's left with a sum total of zero boyfriends.
Kelly's kinda-sorta boyfriend, Will, has plans for Valentine's Day. Just not with her.
Four friends.
Alexia's never had a broken heart, but that's because she's never had a serious boyfriend. So when her three BFF's turn up boyless, shes' sympathetic... but maybe secretly- selfishly- glad. She has her friends back. She just had to help them get over their heartaches.
Twenty- nine rules.
How else to get over the breakups but follow a simple rules? It all goes so well at first; There are girly sleepovers, cold shoulders, and the destruction of sentimental items. But even as the girls redicover their friendship, rules are broken left and right. Soon the formerly heartbroken are on their way to becoming heartbreakers themselves. Especially Alexia.
This book took so long for me to read, because it was horribly boring. I guess it would help you if you're recently heartbroken. But there really was no plot and had the ever- present life lessons, we've heard over and over. Love yourself, be who you are, blah blah blah.


  1. I just finished the book and it was amazing!!!! It was really sweet! You got to read it!
    Can't wait to read the next book called 'The Crushes'!!! <3

  2. I LOVE THIS BOOK!!!!!!!! IT'S AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. wow it was amazing

  4. I've just finished this book and it's Amazing and very real!!!!!! I can't wait for the 2nd part and the movie!!!!! :)

  5. the book is JUST perfect! Now i'm reading the 2nd part! Does anyone know when will be the premiere of the movie?