Tuesday, May 5

Bliss by Lauren Myracle

Bones, says a voice in my head, tombs. I stop dead in my tracks, because it's not my voice that whispered these thoughts. And whoever's voice it is, it's not a nice voice.
With it's stately, ivy-colored buildings, Crestview Academy seems impossibly grand to newcomer Bliss, but full of promise too. It's here she hopes to make the sort of friends she never could growing up as the love kid on a commune. With her crisp new uniform and manners gleaned from the wholesome TV shows her grandmother permits her to watch, Bliss feels ready for her new life at Crestview. Until she hears the voice.
Crestview holds secrets in it's stones, ghostly hints of long ago death. Sensitive Bliss hears a voice that speaks of terrible things...and blood. Always blood. Her fellow students, with their sunny smiles and talk of make up and dances, seem untouched by this darkness. Yet, as Bliss will learn, they too have secrets. When the simmering tensions of the present mingle with the dark secrets of the past, it is kindly Bliss who becomes the focus of a deadly struggle for power.
This book was surprisingly good, from beginning to end it just pulled me right in. The only things was how the main character, Bliss was too sensitive.


  1. Havn't read this one yet. But sounds pretty good, however It looks a little too creepy for my taste! hehe

  2. yea.i didnt expect it to be a suspense/horror book. i liked the way the author wrote and sneaked in these updates of a murder trial between the chapters.

  3. I love the cover for this book, it's so creepy!