Friday, January 8

alright, so i'm back and it feels great.

Genius Squad by Catherine Jinks
Sequel to Evil Genius

Cadel Piggott. Looks like an angelic 8 year-old, but behind those innocent eyes lurks a genius. Yes, he is a computer hacker and despite his small size he can change other people's lives with a stroke of a computer keyboard. He attended the Axis Institute where they taught everything, from embezzlement to perfect disguise, to poisoning without a trace. But a series of events lead him to find out that he is not who others made him believe to be. So now he is under constant supervision living in a foster home and worrying about his future... Want to know more? Read the book.
I don't know if I succeeded in making you guys interested, but i tried. Loved this book. Apparently it's a trilogy, so I will definitely check out Genius Wars.

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